Tech Specs

See pictures of a complete load-in here.

• A crew of four house personnel is needed for the first two hours of load-in, and for a two-hour load-out.
• An engineer, driving the organ truck, will oversee load-in, connection, load-out and general logistics.
• The console, as specialty equipment, is assembled by the engineer together with Cameron Carpenter.

• The organ consists of a modular console assembled from components in six road cases;
a supercomputer/amplifier unit in two road cases, with one spare; and a proprietary audio system consisting of
specialized speakers mounted in ten wheeled road cases and eight wheeled specialty subwoofers.
The ten speaker cases each have a footprint of approximately 2.5’ x 4.5’. Cabling for the speaker cases
is housed in the base of each case.
• The console footprint is approximately 9’ x 7’ and does not require any special platform or stage
extension. The console has recessed wheels and is easily moveable once assembled.
• A minimum of 5 dedicated 20-amp circuits is required for safe operation.
• Where possible, the supercomputer/amplifier units should be located offstage.
• The organ travels with a 16-unit set of EzPar™ wireless LED venue lights providing basic RGB
uplighting and effect wash lighting throughout the infrastructure of the organ. Convenient
non-DMX wireless operation via remote control can be synced to house lighting control where desired.


• Preceding evening: Local arrival of truck, organ and engineer; probable air arrival of Cameron Carpenter.

• Concert day 9:00AM: Arrival of truck and 4 crew at venue; unloading of all equipment from truck onto stage or near-stage staging area.

• 9:45AM: Cameron Carpenter arrival at venue; prep dressing room.

• 10:00AM: With truck unloading completed or nearly complete, Cameron Carpenter supervises crew in subwoofer placement and approximate placement of speaker cases. Once completed, Cameron and engineer begin console unloading and assembly. House staff provide stage and offstage power connections.

• 11:00AM: Crew depart; with console assembled, Cameron and engineer complete all quick-connect audio connections to speaker cases, subwoofers, amplifiers, and check all data and power connections.

• c. 11:15AM: With all connections completed, the organ comes online. Standardized test sequences begin. • c. 11:30AM—12:30PM: Initial rough balancing, bass testing and auto playback tests allow Cameron to begin fine adjustments of the organ to the venue. Minor adjustments to speaker placements are likely.

• 1:00PM—1:30PM: Lunch catered at venue.

• 1:30PM—6:30PM: The afternoon is spent on rehearsal, during the course of which many adjustments are made to adapt the organ exactly to the acoustics of the venue. At Cameron’s discretion, there may be time for a media call, outreach or other event. Dinner is served one half-hour before house open.

• Immediately following the concert: the engineer oversees the disconnection of the speaker components and console, and engineer and crew complete load-out within 2 hours.